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World Peace Day

On Friday 21 September 2018, children from across The Corinium Education Trust came together in a unique event to mark World Peace Day. Pupils from Chesterton, Kemble and Siddington Church of England Primary Schools joined pupils at Deer Park for a day of reflection and collaboration.

Organised by Emma Hope, Executive Head of Humanities, RP, Citizenship and PSHEe at Deer Park, with the support of other members of staff and guests, our World Peace Day brought out our community’s creativity.

Pupils engaged in a range of activities. These included learning about peace activists and listening to stories including.‘Ten Thousand Bowls of Soup’ by local author, Ross Frowen. Pupils responded by making origami cranes, creating collages and decorating tiles. They learnt about the language of peace and many in Year 8 at Deer Park contributed to the writing of a special peace themed song while others in Year 9 perfected their skills in persuasive writing. Read more...

Just before midday, pupils from all four schools came together to reflect on world peace in a two minutes’ silence commemorating the life and work of Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations, who dedicated his life to creating a fairer, more peaceful world.

In response to one of Deer Park’s Ghana 2019 volunteers inspired ideas, the community of The Corinium Education Trust then came together to attempt to break a world record. With everyone involved, the act of tying together over 1,500 school uniform jumpers and forming a chain just under a mile long perfectly demonstrated how we can all work cooperatively and in harmony to achieve great things! Read more...

We look forward to doing so much more together.