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Welcome Back Inset Day

The Corinium Education Trust’s first face-to-face MAT-wide in-service training day in three years was hosted at Cirencester Deer Park School on Tuesday 3 January 2023. The last time staff from all schools came together was in January 2020 when we all had the opportunity to learn from and work alongside each other and guest speaker, Tom Sherrington.


‘It was a joy and privilege to welcome teachers and support staff from each of our schools back to this annual event. I am very grateful to colleagues for their readiness to engage with, and support, each other.’ Chiquita Henson, Trust Lead (CEO).


This year’s event had a similar focus to our previous events and conferences. In the interim period, our joint training events moved online or were delivered ‘separately’ in each school. While our response to COVID-19 dominated, staff also considered the DFE’s Wellbeing Charter in January 2022. 


On this occasion, after initial reflections on MAT-wide developments over the last three years, colleagues focused on teaching and learning in a number of themed workshops led and facilitated by our school leaders. Since January 2020, our school staff have responded to Rosenshine’s ‘Principles of Instruction’ and developed the use of evidence-informed practice. This is evident in Cirencester Deer Park School’s use of Tom Sherrington’s ‘WalkThrus’ to personalise continuing professional development and the use of instructional coaching at Chesterton Primary School.


Richard Clutterbuck, Headteacher of Cirencester Deer Park School, welcomed everyone to the event and reflected on the shared responsibility we all have for all children and young people across The Corinium Education Trust and the benefits of working together.


In her opening keynote presentation, Chiquita Henson, Trust Lead (CEO), reflected briefly on the last three years before focusing positively on the challenges ahead. She commended colleagues on their tremendous resilience in the face of unprecedented challenges and highlighted some of the changes, not least in personnel, that have taken place across The Corinium Education Trust: 25% of staff have been appointed since January 2020 and Chiquita Henson took the opportunity to introduce The Corinium Education Trust’s four Headteachers and School Improvement Leads.


During the presentation, staff had the opportunity to contribute to redefining the Trust’s values as a part of a wider consultation and subsequent discussion and analysis in one of the workshops revealed there was a strong and clear consensus. Staff also revisited what good teaching looks like across The Corinium Education Trust. They were encouraged to review and simplify the criteria put together on a similar joint in-service training day in January 2019. This will ensure the definition continues to reflect our high expectations of each other and commitment to evidence-informed practice.


In the second part of her presentation, Chiquita Henson considered current issues including the impact of the rising cost of living on families, staff and school budgets and some of the exciting capital projects planned for the Trust’s schools. Staff reflected on the impact of poverty on children and families. They shared the differences they have noticed and discussed what our schools might be able to do to support them. These conversations were picked up in some of the workshop sessions and many of the suggestions made will be incorporated into the Trust’s wider strategy.


‘A very useful and informative day with focussed sessions targeting the current issues we face. Great to meet up with colleagues from across the CET for the first time in three years!’ Elaine, Kemble Primary School.


'It was great to be back working with our colleagues from the Trust and learning from each other'. Sian, Siddington CofE Primary School.