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Website Photo Shoot

On Friday 29 June 2018 a group of pupils from all schools within The Corinium Education Trust came together at Siddington Church of England Primary School for a special photo shoot. The aim was to introduce our learners to each other and provide an opportunity to reflect our inclusive community.

James Johnson, Assistant Head at Cirencester Deer Park School, gathered together pupils from Deer Park and drove the minibus, first to Chesterton Primary School to pick up some of their pupils before arriving at Siddington Church of England Primary School where they met Carol Dougill, Executive Headteacher, with pupils from Kemble Primary School.

James Johnson, Assistant Head, observed, ‘This was a great opportunity to bring together pupils from the different schools within the trust. It was impressive to the see the Deer Park pupils taking the lead and working with the younger children. Pupils bonded quickly, firstly through shared reading and then through some structured play time where pupils had to work together using the new equipment at Siddington School. I was delighted to see the interaction between pupils of different ages and from different schools as part of our new community of learners within the Corinium Education Trust.’

After initial introductions and some icebreaking activities the pupils quickly engaged and fell into step with each other. They talked about their experiences of school and posed for the camera creating a new album of images for The Corinium Education Trust’s website!


Joining the children aged 4-16 was Cosmo, Cirencester Deer Park School’s working dog. He thoroughly enjoyed his visit to Siddington Church of England Primary School and all the attention he received.

‘It was so lovely seeing the children in an activity together, the older pupils immediately taking on a nurturing role with the younger ones. Working together across 3 phases of education from 4.5 years to 16 can only be a positive experience for everyone. Cosmo was on his best behaviour too, even though it was a very hot day!’ Carol Dougill, Executive Head, Kemble and Siddington Primary Schools.