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Transforming Chesterton Primary School

Pupils and staff at Chesterton Primary School unanimously agree that the school has been transformed.


After an intense Summer of construction work, Headteacher Libby Pringle welcomed guests in early November 2023 (read more) to the opening of the school’s newly refurbished areas, which represent Phase 1 of an ambitious re-development scheme.


‘The difference is incredible. We are all immensely grateful to the Trustees of The Winstone Charitable Trust whose generosity helped us achieve these significant improvements. They are already having a positive impact on the culture of the school. Pupils and staff are inspired and motivated.’ Chiquita Henson, Trust Lead (CEO), The Corinium Education Trust.


The impact was also noted in the school’s recent quality of education review, commissioned by the Corinium Education Trust, in January 2024. 


The school’s reception has been relocated. It is accessible and welcoming. The automatic doors open on to the landscaped quadrangle which provides an informal meeting space and makes much better use of what was previously a redundant area. There is a real sense of arrival for parents and visitors to the school.


‘Since we opened up the new areas, we have seen more interest locally in the school’s journey. I am delighted that following their expressions of interest, three parents have been appointed to the local governing body.’ Libby Pringle, Headteacher.


Pupils enjoy reading and learning in their new, light and spacious library with its calming décor, greenery and creative installation. Previously, the school’s collection of books was held in a dark narrow corridor. The school is gradually re-stocking the shelves and is very grateful to ‘Read With Me’ for their recent donation and weekly support by volunteers. These books will complement the school’s commitment to promoting reading for pleasure. Teachers are already reporting on the encouraging progress pupils are making in response to the school’s current drive on reading fluency and comprehension.


‘The children love the new space and are excited to be able to use the new library to explore literature, poetry and our non-fiction texts – it’s become a central hub of the school.’  Koura Stuart, KS2 Leader and English Lead.


Pupils in the reception class have a new classroom too. Purposefully redesigned to accommodate continuous provision, creative and outdoor play, the classroom is also bright and spacious. Pupils are already making good progress and they enjoy being closer to other pupils in Key Stage 1 on the ground floor.


‘The new classroom has had a real impact on how the children learn and play. The design has provided a calm and open environment where the children can access resources themselves and take ownership of their learning. Our new outside area is a big hit, and the children love having an area where they can immerse themselves in messy play.’  Henrietta Cantouris, Teacher


The refurbished areas have inspired staff to continue the colour scheme through the rest of the school.


Central to the school, which sits at the heart of its local community, is the engagement of parents and support for families. To facilitate this, the refurbishment includes a community kitchen and an office for external support agencies to use for meetings and events. To promote family learning, the school’s Pastoral Lead, Mrs Hannis, has worked with partners to provide cookery and craft classes. These have been positively received:


‘The new community spaces have made a difference to my mental health with the workshops that run there.’ Parent.


The school’s canteen has also been significantly changed. Walls were taken down to create a lighter larger space and it has been re-equipped. A new catering provider, The Great Plate, is providing meals with an emphasis on fresh seasonal produce and healthy menus.


Staff are also enjoying their new staff areas which now all look out over the school’s play areas, providing a discrete level of supervision. In addition to an open plan communal area, the new staff room includes a quiet workroom for planning, preparation and assessment. This suite also includes a smart new office for the Headteacher!


The Corinium Education Trust appealed through various channels for funding to support this initiative and the Trust was delighted when the Trustees of The Winstone Charitable Trust initially offered to match funding. Unfortunately, because the school building is structurally sound, the Department for Education were unable to fund the refurbishment and between 2020 and 2022 many grant providers prioritised resources for projects directly related to the pandemic. However, after visiting the school and recognising the level of need, the Trustees extended their contribution to meet the full cost of Phase 1.


Dr Andrew Chappell, Trustee of The Winstone Charitable Trust, who was passionate about the need for improvement from the outset, highly commended the transformation, ‘I absolutely love it!’.


‘While we initially thought projects of this nature should be publicly funded, following a visit to the school and learning more about what The Corinium Education Trust and the school were trying to achieve, we felt compelled to support this refurbishment and contribute to raising aspirations and standards at the school. We look forward to seeing further improvements.’ Philip Beckerlegge, Chair of The Winstone Charitable Trust.


Chiquita Henson, CET Trust Lead: "Phase 2 includes developing the school’s hall to improve the light and provide access directly out onto the play area and creating a ‘learning street’. This resource area will improve the flow around the school, connect the classes more effectively and provide break out spaces for one to one and small group learning. We also hope to develop the outside areas too and provide equipment that helps the children play creatively and develop a strong sense of adventure."