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Stage 3 in our Roadmap out of Lockdown

As pupils returned to our schools after the half term break they noted a few changes. In line with our own and the Government’s roadmaps out of lockdown, we were all able to make some adjustments.


Pupils saw the return of whole school playtimes at Kemble Primary School as school leaders made the decision to relax our class bubbles and reunite pupils while outside. There was great excitement as the children streamed onto the field in the sunshine for the first time in 15 months. The Reception class pupils got to meet their Year 6 buddies at last and a huge Key Stage 2 football game was soon taking place. Headteacher, Emma Morrogh-Ryan commented, ‘It was a magical moment to see the beginnings of normal school life returning as the Kemble family were able to play together again.’


Similar steps were taken at Siddington C of E Primary School where they have also formed a ‘whole school bubble’. This will ease some of the restrictions in the school so that the children from different classes can play together and do some activities as a whole school. Headteacher, Katie Cook, is keen to extend these changes: ‘We are already thinking of creative ways to invite parents for an outside activity before the end of term. We would all really like to see parents back in school before the end of the year.’

At Cirencester Deer Park School, all year groups were promoted and the new timetable provided everyone with a fresh start. While pupils essentially remain in their year group bubbles and continue to have staggered breaks and lunch times, their home bases have been disbanded. Consequently, pupils are now moving around the school again as all teachers have returned to their specialist classrooms after 15 months of moving to teach the pupils in their home bases or teaching remotely during the periods of lockdown.


Pupils previously in Year 7, quickly located their new tutor group bases on Tuesday 8 June and picked up their new Year 8 timetables first thing in the morning. There was a lot of excitement as this was the first time pupils who joined us in September 2020 had had the opportunity to move around the school fully. While familiar with specialist facilities in Expressive Arts, Design, Art and PE, they all enjoyed discovering new learning spaces.

Pupils moving from Year 8 into Year 9 were also a little apprehensive as they needed to re-familiarise themselves with the school site having been ‘isolated’ for much of the time over the last 15 months in their home base towards the rear of our school site.

Similarly, many pupils in other year groups were also curious, not least those in our new Year 10 who had their first lessons in their chosen GCSE subjects. Those on our new Year 11 experienced a greater sense of freedom having been released from their previous home base on our top floor!

It was evident that many pupils were a little disorientated as they had become accustomed to being in their home bases for most of the school day. Some complained about being very tired at the end of the day because of all the movement around the school! We are confident that they will soon get used to the changes