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Pupils planting trees in their schools’ names

At the invitation of Lord and Lady Bathurst, pupils from The Corinium Education Trust proudly planted trees in their schools’ names along Cirencester Park's Broad Avenue as a part of The Bathurst Estate’s restoration project.


On Thursday 6 February 2020, pupils from Kemble and Siddington C of E Primary Schools were joined on Broad Avenue by Cirencester Deer Park School’s Year 10 Horticulture class. They were all welcomed by Lord and Lady Bathurst who explained the background to the restoration project and why the Small-Leaved Lime (Tilia cordata) trees, an indigenous British species, were chosen to replace the iconic ancient Horse Chestnut trees that were felled last summer. Pupils also met Lord Apsley and The Bathurst Estate’s Head of Forestry, Keith Mills. They learnt about the simple irrigation systems set up to give the saplings the best start.


‘It was a real privilege to be invited to take part in the tree planting. We all appreciated the experience and I am sure the pupils will watch with interest as their young trees grow.’ Chiquita Henson, Chief Executive, The Corinium Education Trust and Headteacher, Cirencester Deer Park School.


Pupils from Kemble and Siddington C of E Primary Schools were first to plant their trees and it was just as well everyone was wearing their wellies as it was very muddy. A Siddington parent accompanying the children commented 'It was an amazing opportunity to be a part of History.'

Grace (Siddington, Year 6): 'It was an incredible experience and I enjoyed planting the tree on behalf of our school.'

Darcie (Siddington, Year 2): 'I liked the planting and meeting Lady Bathurst.'

Paris (Siddington, Year 6): 'It was brilliant.'


"Planting the tree was hard work but it was really fun. I enjoyed talking to Lord Bathurst, he was very inspiring about the trees." Henry (Kemble, Year 5).
"I was happy the spades were so big and I enjoyed putting the soil over the roots."
Jack (Kemble, Year 3).
"It was fun because I enjoyed planting the tree and getting muddy!"
Charlie (Kemble, Year 1).


Deer Park pupils then planted two trees, one for Deer Park and one in the name of Chesterton Primary School who were unable to join the group. Mrs Mackew, who currently teaches Horticulture at Deer Park, and was herself a pupil at both Chesterton Primary School and Deer Park, joined three former Chesterton pupils in planting the tree.


‘It was a wonderful opportunity for my Horticulture class to represent the school within the local community. It was also fantastic to be part of Cirencester's history, leaving a legacy for our children and our children's children. Encouraging younger generations to be more responsible and more environmentally aware is essential and community projects like this one really instils the importance of this.’ Mrs Mackew, Cirencester Deer Park School.


‘It was an interesting and new experience. It was lovely to be involved in helping the local community.’ Kelsie (Year 10)


‘A fun opportunity to make our mark in the Town's history.’ James (Year 10)