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Paid Graduate Interns

The Corinium Education Trust is currently advertising for a new team of Graduate Interns for September 2022. This is an opportunity for new graduates to gain an insight into the world of education, make a positive contribution to the learning and life chances of children and young people and earn £20.00 an hour


We recruited our first team of graduate interns in January 2021 to work and learn alongside our teachers and pupils during a period of lockdown and recovery. Since then 7 new graduates have been trained and deployed as intervention tutors for up to 12 months. Of these, two have chosen to pursue teaching as a career, while the others have used the wider team work and communication skills they acquired during their internships to help them take up posts in marketing or finance or to apply for further academic study.  One, this year, is using the remuneration for the role to fund world-wide travel!


They have all enjoyed the experience:

‘Working as an intervention tutor at Deer Park School has been an incredible experience. Not only will you broaden your own subject knowledge, but you build genuine connections with the pupils you teach. It is such a rewarding experience to witness the growth of your pupils week on week, especially when you can see their appreciation of your efforts. It is a wonderful chance for them to learn at their own pace rather than at the pace of the whole class. I would whole-heartedly recommend tutoring for anyone wanting to have a positive impact on the younger generations, and especially for anyone considering a career in teaching.’ Zands Rausch.


Following the publication of the new Education Bill and the government’s ‘Parent Pledge’ to provide any pupils who fall behind in English or Maths with timely and evidence-based support to enable them to achieve their potential, we are seeking to appoint a new team of graduate interns to work as intervention tutors at Cirencester Deer Park School or across our three primary schools - Chesterton, Kemble and Siddington - from September 2022. However, we are planning to provide training for the successful applicants in July 2022.


We are hoping these posts will appeal to new graduates who may or may not be considering careers in education such as teaching, speech therapy, educational psychology or social care. Ideally, we are looking for graduates with a strong background in English and the Humanities, Science or Maths or Education Theory, Linguistics or Psychology, but central to the role will be the ability to communicate and model transferrable independent learning skills.


Intervention tutors deployed in our secondary school will provide subject specific tuition, coaching and mentoring, while our primary intern will work more broadly across a number of schools to support phonics and reading as well as maths. This postholder will also require their own transport.


Our previous interns have become excellent role models and have engaged in extra-curricular sport and accompanied school trips. The recruitment of a new team of graduate interns will continue to help us recover lost learning, and introduce new knowledge through ‘pre-teaching’, strengthen understanding and accelerate our pupils’ progress.


‘I would say that is a very rewarding experience and a chance to dip your toes into the world of teaching. It is also a wonderful opportunity to give something back and boost the confidence of young people who have really struggled over the last two years.’ Sam McCarten


We recognise it can be hard for many graduates to find the right employment at the present time and we are, therefore, offering the opportunity for graduates to join the staff across The Corinium Education Trust as temporary interns in one or more of our schools. This is a reciprocal proposition:


Our pupils will benefit from

  • Personalised tuition tailored to meeting their needs, our curriculum and their present studies;
  • Face to face interventions and bespoke support;
  • Working alongside recent graduates, inspirational and positive role models;
  • The additional time and attention given to them and their learning;
  • Improved learning and life chances, including better grades!

If appointed you will benefit from

  • Participating in training and becoming a member of our team;
  • Gaining rich and diverse work experience;
  • Engaging in purposeful and precisely targeted activities;
  • Sharing your specialist knowledge and understanding of how to learn effectively;
  • Seeing the impact of your work in the progress pupils you tutor make;
  • Working flexibly in school and, occasionally online, for around 25 hours a week;
  • Earning £20.00 an hour and securing a reference for future employment;
  • Being able to demonstrate the contribution you made to children and young people’s learning and lives!


The deadline for applications is 9.00am on Monday 27 June 2022 by email to and interviews are provisionally scheduled to take place on Friday 1 July or Monday 4 July 2022. 


For more information, please go to Vacancies on the Cirencester Deer Park School website.