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New school year – welcome back

On Monday 4 September 2023, staff in each of the Corinium Education Trust’s schools returned after the summer break, although many had been in over the summer to prepare for the new school year. Areas of Siddington C of E Primary School have been brightened up with fresh paint and, after nearly a year of roofing works, staff areas at Cirencester Deer Park School have also been refreshed.


Our Inset (in-service training) Day in each school focused on our shared priorities for the term ahead, introduced our new management information system, Bromcom, and provided updates on ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education 2023.’ New staff were introduced and our new Headteacher at Siddington C of E Primary School seized the opportunity to work with her team to set out their expectations and within the first week they all took to the water to bond while paddleboarding!


At Siddington C of E Primary School the staff welcomed their new staffroom which was created with reused and upcycled goods and plenty of teamwork. The children are excited to be back with their friends and teachers:

‘I have already played a few games of table tennis and can already tell that I will be losing - a lot. During the afternoon, the children are excited to tell me their summer stories whilst enjoying the daily mile. I am very proud of how the children have settled into a routine. Even our youngest members settled remarkably well into lessons on their first morning.’  Louise Lennox, Headteacher, Siddington C of E Primary School.


Staff at Chesterton Primary School also faced temporary changes to the school’s learning environment owing to the on-going refurbishment, but, while initially daunted by the task, everyone pulled together to help ensure the school was ready for the teaching and learning on Tuesday 5 September. One teacher was especially delighted:

‘The Reception Class has been beautifully refurbished to create a welcoming and flexible learning environment that allows the children to access both outside and inside spaces independently. It’s lovely to be next door to Year 1 and Year 2 as it will help the children to feel part of the wider school community.’


All pupils across the Trust were welcomed back to school on Tuesday 5 September 2023 and special care was taken to support those making the transition from Pre-school to Reception and from Year 6 to Year 7. Siddington C of E Primary School were delighted to celebrate 100% attendance on the first day of term.


Pupils and staff at Kemble Primary School also had something to celebrate. This year marks the 150th anniversary of the school and special events are planned: 

‘We are looking forward to holding our tea party for past pupils and staff to commemorate our 150th anniversary. This will be an opportunity for our pupils to find out about the history of Kemble School and share some insights into education in 2023.’ Emma Morrogh-Ryan, Headteacher, Kemble Primary School.


Emma Morrogh-Ryan and her team are also excited about the term ahead:

‘As usual, this year has begun with our big question. This enables our pupils to think about how we can meet the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. This term we are thinking about SDG 13 Climate Action, ‘Who does climate change affect?’ All classes began studying the same text in English lessons, ‘Flooded’ by Mariajo Ilustrajo. To aid everyone’s understanding, the school has been transformed into a flood zone as we explore the themes of coming together and community.’ 


Owing to the heatwave in the first week back, Headteacher, Richard Clutterbuck and his team at Cirencester Deer Park School, made an exception to the normal uniform guidelines and pupils were able to wear their PE kits if they chose to. This provided welcome respite and helped get the new school year off to a great start:

‘I was pleased to welcome our pupils back to school on Tuesday 5 September 2023. Our pupils in Year 8 to Year 11 have quickly settled back into the routines of school, seamlessly picking up on our school values of Trust, Kindness, and Determination. Our new pupils in Year 7 have made an extremely positive impression on all our staff and have brought a smiley, but steely determination to their learning.’ Richard Clutterbuck, Headteacher, Cirencester Deer Park School.