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Musical High

Pupils at Cirencester Deer Park School achieved another high in the school’s calendar with their lively and colourful production of ‘High School Musical’ over four consecutive evenings in February.


‘I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and was impressed, as ever, by the energy and commitment of the cast, band and crew. The venue was transformed and perfectly themed in red. It was very clear that everyone was enjoying being a part of the show, including the audience. Congratulations. Another great production.’ Chiquita Henson, Trust Lead, (CEO).

Commendably, to give everyone the opportunity, this show, like those the school’s Expressive Arts team have directed before, was ‘double cast’ with the ‘Soaring Cast’ performing on Wednesday 21 and Friday 23 February 2024 and the ‘Flying Cast’ performing on Thursday 22 and Saturday 24 February 2024. Reflecting the storyline, the supporting groups, the Basketball team, the Cheerleaders, the Brainiacs, the Thespians and the Seniors and Juniors, provided a strong chorus and were all choreographed exceptionally well.

In addition to performing on stage, pupils were also responsible for playing in the school’s house band alongside their teachers. This was particularly impressive given their age and experience and the number of songs and musical interludes. Other pupils, including those in the cast, were responsible for moving props, while another team of ‘techies’ coordinated the lighting and sound. There were roles for everyone! They were incredibly supportive of each other too.

All pupils taking part in the show inspired pupils form the Trust’s three primary schools when they attended the dress rehearsal of ‘High School Musical’ on Tuesday 20 February. Individual pupils taking part in the production demonstrated courage and determination. Together, they were creative and resilient. Through their collaboration and teamwork there was a palpable and infectious energy. Younger pupils in the audience could clearly see how they could realise their own aspirations.

Headteachers of the Trust’s primary schools reported that on their return to their schools, their pupils were very excited:
‘Kemble pupils were really ‘buzzing’ after watching ‘High School Musical’ at Cirencester Deer Park. They were thrilled to see what opportunities were available to them in the future and were inspired to create their own production.’ Emma Morrogh-Ryan, Headteacher.
‘The productions was fantastic. Our pupils (and staff) thoroughly enjoyed watching it. A real treat!’ Libby Pringle, Headteacher, Chesterton Primary School.


Our Headteachers also reported that their groups returned singing the chorus of the final and most popular number, ‘We’re all in this together’. They were all chatting excitedly and looking forward to being in show one day themselves!  

Our primary school pupils reflected:
'I think it was great that they had more than one person playing the main roles as it gave more people an opportunity and both actors were great'
'They mirrored what an American teenager in high school would be like well'
‘It was amazing - I loved the costumes and singing!’
‘It was so good. I had so much fun.’
'The Gabriellas had amazing voices.'
'Very well planned and thought out. I didn't need to have already watched the film to understand it.’
‘It was amazing! I want to go to Deer Park now!’


Accompanying class teachers and teaching assistants were equally impressed:
‘If I'd paid to see this performance, I would be very satisfied!’ Class Teacher, Siddington C of E Primary School.
‘The standard was so high. They have all obviously worked incredibly hard.’ Class Teaching Assistant, Siddington C of E Primary School.
‘It was amazing to see the creativity and high level of engagement in the pupils from Deer Park. I am sure this will inspire our pupils to pull out all the stops for their end of year production!’ Class Teacher, Kemble Primary School.

You can read more about the show on the Cirencester Deer Park School website under Latest News, High School Musical Report