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‘Much has changed for the better’

The Corinium Education Trust has invested in Chesterton Primary School’s improvement journey and has provided both support and challenge through the global pandemic and significant staff changes.


Chiquita Henson, Trust Lead (CEO), and Trustees are impressed with the positive tone of the school’s Ofsted Report which was received by the school on Wednesday 8 March and shared with its community on Thursday 9 March 2023. It reflects the Trust’s evaluation of the school.


‘It is an absolute joy to see the school’s pupils being commended so highly on their behaviour. They are keen and ready to learn and, with continued support from staff, they should be able to meet and exceed our expectations.’ Chiquita Henson, Trust Lead (CEO).


Since joining The Corinium Education Trust and Chesterton Primary School, Headteacher, Libby Pringle, has definitely put pupils, their learning and safety first:


‘I am proud that the inspection report reflects the hard work and dedication of the team and recognises the journey of improvement the school has been on. I am delighted that the pupils of Chesterton have shown themselves to be polite, friendly and well mannered. They have responded positively to new opportunities and the increased responsibilities they have been given.’ Libby Pringle, Headteacher.


Libby Pringle has taken care to build on the foundations set out in the school’s core curriculum to ensure that pupils know, understand and can do more. She is working closely with Kerry Buckland, Deputy Head, to develop staff expertise. She has expanded the team and distributed leadership:


‘Teachers speak highly of the school’s leadership. They value the coaching and training they receive to improve their practice.’ Ofsted, February 2023.


Leaders are committed to identifying the essential knowledge that pupils need to learn in all subjects and deepening it. They have a clear strategy in place which will also ensure pupils’ personal development is strengthened further and that they have the cultural capital to help them make connections and succeed in their lives beyond Chesterton Primary School.


The inspection team also acknowledged the school’s other strengths including the choice of ‘high quality books to develop pupils’ vocabulary and understanding of important issues’ and the provision in the nursery and Communication and Interaction Centre:

‘Leaders pay close attention to pupils’ communication and language… staff immerse children in stories and rhymes. Children enjoy retelling stories using words and actions.’ Ofsted, February 2023.


It is also encouraging to note the care and support given to pupils with special educational needs:


‘The school is a positive environment for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities. Staff identify their needs early and accurately. Teachers adapt the curriculum appropriately to meet pupils’ needs.’ Ofsted, February 2023.


The Corinium Education Trust is grateful to all staff and members of Chesterton Primary School’s local governing body who have contributed to the school’s improvement journey.


‘We are especially pleased the report recognises our collective ambition for the school and the steps that have been taken together to bring about sustainable improvement.  We know there is more to do and we are confident that Libby Pringle, Headteacher, and her team, with the support of our School Improvement Lead, Rachael Scott, will continue to work tirelessly to ensure all pupils at the school are well prepared for the next stage in their learning and life in modern Britain.’ Chiquita Henson, Trust Lead (CEO).


‘I am delighted that the inspection team acknowledged the very good work that is taking place at Chesterton. The headteacher and staff have worked incredibly hard to get the school to where it is today. It is also pleasing to have on record the good behaviour of pupils and the support we are receiving from parents. Together we are now in a very strong position to move the school forward and improve outcomes for all pupils.’ Anne Stokes, Chair of Chesterton Primary School’s local governing body.


‘This report enables us to continue our journey with the same determination and unrelenting focus on improving outcomes for our pupils and supporting our community with excellent pastoral care. I would like to thank staff, parents, pupils, governors and The Corinium Education Trust for their ongoing support for the school.’ Libby Pringle, Headteacher.