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On Friday 8 March 2019, Chief Executive of The Corinium Education Trust, Chiquita Henson, officially launched InCET, a new online portal to leaders, teachers and support staff at Cirencester Deer Park School’s in-service training day and just a fortnight later it has already had over 300 hits!


The portal, which is designed to support teaching and learning, had already been launched across the Trust’s three primary schools on Friday 15 February 2019 and, as a consequence, it had already seen some keen activity.


"It is wonderful to have discussions with all staff across the Trust, to share expertise and ideas on a wide range of topics. IT keeps our educational focus broad and outward looking rather than just solely focused on our one school." Anna-Mai Armstrong, Head of School, Kemble Primary School.


Teachers have responded to the initial moderation of pupils’ work from Years 3, 6 and 8 and many primary colleagues continued their group discussions following their Maths Inset session ahead of our first MAT-wide Maths Review on Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 February.


InCET is a tool that now links all staff members of our learning community together in a virtual space. It enables teachers and support staff to engage in meaningful and professional conversations about teaching, learning and assessment. It facilitates discussion across and between schools and enables colleagues to share ideas and resources. Furthermore, it provides access to key documents, supports continuing professional development and records meetings.


The portal has been developed as a result of Chiquita Henson’s vision and The Corinium Education Trust’s successful bid to the MAT development and Improvement Fund in 2018 and delivers some important goals.


"I am really pleased with the initial response to the portal and teachers’ readiness to keep in touch with each other and follow up their initial training and discussions. It has already generated healthy debate about standards of writing and what good teaching and learning looks like across The Corinium Education Trust. As we develop its use, it will make everyone involved, an active member of The Corinium Education Trust  and, by putting people from different schools, in touch with each other it will promote a stronger sense of belonging to our wider organisation." Chiquita Henson, CEO.