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First meeting of The Corinium Education Trust’s Leadership Group

On Wednesday 18 April 2018, Chiquita Henson, CEO, met with school leaders for the first official meeting of The Corinium Education Trust’s Leadership Group. She was joined by Carol Dougill, Executive Headteacher of Kemble and Siddington C of E Primary Schools, Karen Venner, Headteacher of Chesterton Primary School, and Martin Doidge, Director of Finance and Administration.


After an initial celebration of the Trust’s launch on 1 April 2018, the group quickly got down to business. The first agenda focused on planning. Headteachers agreed the alignment of school calendars for 2018-19 and began to consider individual school’s Key Performance Indicators and MAT policies. It was evident colleagues are keen to work together and ready to challenge each other too!


‘I am very excited about leading The Corinium Education Trust. This is an innovative local multi-academy trust and we are committed to improving the learning and life chances of children and young people in the South Cotswolds.’ Chiquita Henson, CEO.


The journey towards forming The Corinium Education Trust started in 2015-16 when a group of local Headteachers and Chairs of Governors met to discuss new ways of working together and supporting each other. Following on from these initial discussions, a group of school leaders and governors continued to meet: they acknowledged the benefits of closer collaboration and planned to form a new ambitious family of schools in the South Cotswolds. It is hoped that The Corinuim Education Trust will continue to evolve, grow and flourish.

'It was good to work with like-minded, passionate headteachers at the first leadership group meeting of The Corinium Education Trust. We covered the key areas of attendance, Key Performance Indicators, school policies and recruitment. It will be great to share ideas and good practice as well facing challenges together such as high attainment in a climate of diminishing funding in the future.' Carol Dougill, Executive Headteacher of Kemble and Siddington C of E Primary Schools

'Working cohesively with the other members of the leadership group of the Corinium Education Trust showed that together, everyone achieves more.' Karen Venner, Headteacher of Chesterton Primary School

‘I am looking forward to meeting regularly with the Trust’s headteachers, supporting our family of schools and reporting on our progress to the Board of Trustees. We will continue to reflect on the quality of all aspects of our practice across The Corinium Education Trust, engage in professional discussions and bring about further school improvement by retaining an explicit focus on teaching, learning and assessment.’ Chiquita Henson, CEO