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Courageous Advocates

After a long wait over the Christmas holiday, Emma Morrogh-Ryan, Headteacher at Kemble Primary School, was very relieved to receive the school’s Ofsted Report on Tuesday 9 January 2024 which was subsequently published by Ofsted on Friday 19 January 2024. Read the Ofsted Report... 

Emma Morrogh-Ryan admits to being a little overwhelmed. With this being the school’s second inspection in just 18 months, it took a bit of time for the very good news to sink in.

‘We are absolutely delighted with the report which reflects the hard work of our staff and children. We are proud of all we achieve at Kemble Primary School. Our curriculum has been carefully planned to give the children the confidence to become knowledgeable active citizens of the future. We were particularly pleased it was noted that our pupils ‘share their thoughts and views confidently, with maturity and humility’ and ‘with a clear social and moral conscience’.’ Emma Morrogh-Ryan, Headteacher.


There is no doubt that Emma Morrogh-Ryan was especially thrilled to finally be able to share the two outstanding judgements for ‘personal development’ and ‘behaviour and attitudes’ the lead inspector made during, and following, her two-day visit to the school on Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 November 2023 with the wider community of the school. In particular, the Ofsted report commends the pupils at Kemble Primary School on their ‘exemplary behaviour’ and on their courageous advocacy.

‘Our congratulations go to Emma Morrogh Ryan, Headteacher, and her team. We are so pleased that the school’s progress since the last inspection has been noted and that the commitment of the staff who ‘work tirelessly’ is applauded. Furthermore, the impact of the school’s curriculum, which continues to be underpinned by the UN’s Sustainability Goals, is fully recognised in shaping pupils’ futures: they ‘aspire to have careers and they aim to contribute to local, national and global change’. Well done to everyone. Thank you.’ Chiquita Henson, Trust Lead (CEO)


Having reflected on the school’s Ofsted Report, the Trust’s Chair of Trustees, Martin McLeman, simply commented ‘Absolutely marvellous’, while parents and members of the school’s local governing body clearly appreciate all that Emma Morrogh-Ryan and her team do every day:

‘This is no surprise to me that you have such a fantastic report, but a huge well done to you and your team, it’s amazing!’ Parent

‘You all do such a fantastic job with the children, you can feel the love/warmth in the room every single time we walk into the premises. The children are fighting to get into the school every morning, so I think that speaks volumes.’ Parent

However, the team at Kemble Primary School are not complacent. They are looking forward to the next steps in their journey:


‘We will continue to be ambitious for our pupils to be the best they can be and support them to achieve this. It is an exciting time to be part of Kemble School and I know the staff join me in looking forward to what we can achieve.’ Emma Morrogh-Ryan