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Conditional consent to join the Trust


Following an initial inquiry from Nicholas Fisher, Chair of Governors, at Sherborne C of E Primary School in January 2023 and subsequent discussions with the school, the Diocese of Gloucester and Gloucestershire County Council, we are delighted to learn that the school has been granted conditional consent to join The Corinium Education Trust in 2023-24.


‘We are very excited to welcome Sherborne C of E Primary School into our family of schools. The next few months will be busy for us as we begin to work even more closely in partnership with the school and the Diocese in preparation for their conversion into an academy.’ Chiquita Henson, Trust Lead (CEO)


Over the last 8 months, Chiquita Henson, Trust Lead (CEO), and Martin McLeman, Chair of Trustees, have been liaising with Nicholas Fisher and John Moore, Headteacher. This has led to wider introductions, meetings with staff and governors, and reciprocal due diligence.


‘We are delighted to be working alongside Governors and Staff at Sherborne C of E Primary School. We are very much looking forward to strengthening our partnership. As with all partnership working, it is of great benefit to all parties concerned and the level of openness and transparency and our shared values has provided a very firm foundation for a thriving future for the children at Sherborne C of E Primary School.’ Martin McLeman, Chair of Trustees, The Corinium Education Trust


‘Since being founded by Lord Sherborne 200 years ago in an idyllic part of the Cotswolds, Sherborne C of E Primary School has been recognised as providing its pupils with an invaluable and unique preparation for senior school and beyond. The Governors are thrilled at the prospect of joining The Corinium Education Trust and look forward to contributing to the further success of this high-achieving partnership.’ Nick Fisher, Chair of Governors, Sherborne C of E Primary School


Furthermore, Education Consultant, Dave Smith, and Rachael Scott, the Trust’s School Improvement Lead (Primary), worked with John Moore and undertook a quality of education review at Sherborne C of E Primary School in May 2023. This helped the Trust understand the school’s strengths and areas for development. It also prepared school staff for a successful Ofsted Inspection which took place in July 2023.


‘Sherborne C of E Primary School is a welcome addition to The Corinium Education Trust. The school will be our second Church school and an excellent partner for Siddington C of E Primary School. There is much that we can learn from each other.’ Chiquita Henson, Trust Lead (CEO).


Sherborne’s Headteacher, John Moore, has already contributed positively to the Trust’s Leadership Group and Emmie Penfold, one of the school’s Foundation Governors, has visited Siddington C of E Primary School. She was impressed by the school’s ethos and quality of the Act of Worship she attended.


‘We are all very excited about becoming an academy and joining The Corinium Education Trust. As a school set in a village owned and maintained by the National Trust, and with a track record of superb pastoral care and incredible enrichment opportunities for all its children, we believe Sherborne C of E Primary School will bring something new to the Trust and our partnership will be of mutual benefit to all.’ John Moore, Headteacher, Sherborne C of E Primary School


Sherborne C of E Primary School is a small school situated the beautiful National Trust Village of Sherborne, just off the A40, north of Cirencester.