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Chesterton refurbishment begins

On Monday 24 July 2023, the first day of the summer holiday, the construction company, Barnwood, moved on site at Chesterton Primary School to begin the first phase of an ambitious refurbishment scheme which will significantly improve the learning environment for the school’s pupils and staff.


‘Since sponsoring the school in 2018, The Corinium Education Trust has been determined to bring about much needed improvements to the internal layout at Chesterton Primary School and we have actively approached several funding bodies to help secure our goals. We are immensely grateful to The Winstone Charitable Trust which is generously supporting this project. They share our determination to improve the learning environment for the school’s present pupils, and those yet to come, and recognise the school’s importance and the positive impact these physical improvements will have on the community it serves.’ Chiquita Henson, Trust Lead (CEO), The Corinium Education Trust.


This ambitious refurbishment scheme, which has been over 4 years in planning, will improve the welcome to the school by providing a new reception area at the front of the school and an inviting community kitchen with additional office space for meetings. It will also ensure pupils and staff have light and airy areas in which to learn and work. There will be a new classroom in the main part of the school for the children starting school in September and, significantly, the project will support the school’s drive to make everyone a reader by providing a new library.


‘We are absolutely delighted that The Winstone Charitable Trust has so generously funded this significant investment in the buildings at Chesterton Primary School. Following the appointment of Libby Pringle as Headteacher in 2022, this investment will complement the steps she has already taken to breathe new life into the school, develop the curriculum and strengthen local partnerships.’ Martin McLeman, Chair of Trustees, The Corinium Education Trust.


We are very grateful to all the staff at the school for the flexibility they have shown. They helped prepare for the construction team’s arrival at relatively short notice and many of them will be working in temporary locations on site until the work is finished in the autumn. They contributed to clearing areas and will continue to sort through the wealth of resources to determine what they want to keep and let go. There is a shared appreciation that in September it will be ‘short term pain for long term gain’!


‘The refurbishments will create a warm, welcoming environment that reflects the atmosphere of the school. I am most excited about the new library which will be an engaging space to stimulate the children's lifetime love of reading.’ Member of staff at Chesterton Primary School.


‘I am very grateful to The Winstone Charitable Trust for their incredibly generous donation which is enabling us to regenerate our buildings and offer a newly improved and sustainable environment for our children, families and community. The work will make a significant difference to our learning and community spaces. It is an exciting investment in the future of the school.’ Libby Pringle, Headteacher.


‘This project is transforming the learning spaces for the children and providing an invaluable hub for the local community. We are extremely grateful to The Winstone Charitable Trust for their funding for this important project, and to the teams who have made this happen with minimal disruption to the school, including consultant architects, Roberts Limbrick, Barnwood Construction, AFA and Hewers.’ Tessa Rollings, Director of Finance and Operations, The Corinium Education Trust.