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Application approved to open new primary school

Following a rigorous selection process and open competition with other Trusts, we were thrilled to learn that The Corinium Education Trust has been chosen to sponsor and open the new primary school planned for Cirencester.

Hannah Woodhouse, the South West’s Regional Schools’ Commissioner, confirmed the Secretary of State for Education had approved our application in a letter to the Trust on Thursday 12 September, 2019.

This is fantastic news for The Corinium Education Trust and education locally. It recognises our commitment to improving the learning and life chances of children and young people in Cirencester and the South Cotswolds. We are delighted that our vision for the new school and the values we share across our Trust have received the endorsement of Gloucestershire County Council and the South West Regional Schools’ Commissioner.

The new primary school will be situated in The Steadings, the new housing development at Chesterton Farm being developed by Bathurst Developments Limited. The Corinium Education Trust will work closely with Gloucestershire County Council, the developers and the emerging new community to deliver this exciting project and ensure the new school meets the community’s needs.

To meet the demands of the development over time, it is anticipated the new school will eventually have the capacity for over 600 pupils. Once houses on the new development start being occupied, it is likely the new primary school will open temporarily on the site of one of The Corinium Education Trust’s existing schools before moving to its permanent site at the heart of The Steadings as pupil numbers grow.

Chiquita Henson, Chief Executive, our wider leadership group and Trustees work collegiately to support and challenge each other. Securing and developing the new school through effective partnerships is a key part of The Corinium Education Trust’s overall strategy. It presents tremendous opportunities and we hope that staff recently appointed to our schools will become the future leaders of the new school.

‘This is great news for Cirencester as the Corinium Education Trust is local and passionate about providing the best opportunities for young people. We look forward to making the new primary school an integral part of this new community.’  Graham Russell, Chair of Trustees