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Proposed new primary school for Cirencester

In response to the new housing development at Chesterton Farm and need for a new primary school to serve the emerging community which will eventually require additional primary school places, Gloucestershire County Council opened a free school presumption process on Monday 1 April 2019 and is inviting applications from multi-academy trusts.

The Corinium Education Trust is very keen to provide a local solution. We are committed to improving the learning and life chances of children and young people in Cirencester and the South Cotswolds. The Corinium Education Trust’s four schools are all in close proximity to Chesterton Farm and this will help us work collaboratively to support the development and growth of the new primary school:

‘Our aim is for the proposed new primary school to become the beating heart of the new community. We are inviting prospective residents of the new development and members of the existing communities around the new development to work with us to develop and establish a distinctive curriculum and positive ethos which will ensure all pupils will be able to thrive and progress seamlessly on to the next stage of their learning.’ Chiquita Henson, Chief Executive.


To aid our planning, we would be delighted if you could drop in and join us at one of our consultation events at The Baptist Church, Chesterton Lane, on Tuesday 23 April 2019 (6pm-9pm) or on Wednesday 24 April 2019 (1.30pm-3.30pm), or alternatively, you can complete our consultation survey. Your feedback will help us shape our vision for the proposed new primary school for Cirencester to ensure we can meet the needs and ambitions of the community it will serve.


As a member of The Corinium Education Trust’s family of schools, the proposed new school will:


  • Reflect the Trust’s high expectations;
  • Deliver the National Curriculum;
  • Adopt a learning powered approach;
  • Raise standards of literacy and numeracy;
  • Provide enrichment and memorable learning experiences;
  • Challenge all children to achieve more.


If successful in our application, the Corinium Education Trust plans to work with Gloucestershire County Council and the developers to accommodate and grow the new school initially on one of our existing school sites from 2021 before moving into the new purpose-built school on the Chesterton Farm Development in 2023.

When fully open, our school will:


  • Nurture a love of learning and promote creativity;
  • Offer children and families high quality education in a dynamic learning environment;
  • Assist families with child care through its pre-school nursery, breakfast and afterschool clubs;
  • Be a focal point for local residents and provide shared spaces for intergenerational learning and reflection for those of all faiths and none.


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